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This Tillandsia is covered with an armor of hairs to absorb water and resist the very strong sun on the high plateaus of the Andes.

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This oustanding Tillandsia species is a must grow for all the growers who like extraordinary plants !

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Tillandsia windowbox

Unique ! Create your own japanese garden, with a window box, some pine bark, and five Tillandsia ! They will show up their best colors at blooming time.

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tectorum 'White Fuzzy'

Tillandsias image tectorum 'White Fuzzy'

Tillandsia native to the high mountains of the Andes of Peru. This outstanding slow-growing species produces large and numerous silvery scales (trichomes) that are quite unique in the genus. It is cultivated on the roofs of the people from its original habitat, because it looks like a snowy tree. T. tectorum has a really impressive silhouette, lengthening while growing.
'White Fuzzy' is a cultivar on which the trichomes are even whiter and longer than on the regular Tillandsia tectorum species.
Mist it only once out of 3 weeks or 1 month according to the humidity of the atmosphere.

Sold without support.

Cultivation :

- You can put them under direct sun in summer. In winter, find a luminous place.

- Put them inside or outside in summer when the weather is fine. Can live in a wide range of temperature, from 15°C to 45°C.

- Just like for carnivorous plants, water them with rainwater or demineralized water. You can mist the leaves with water, once out of 3 weeks.

- In spring and summer, it is beneficial to feed them with orchid fertilizer diluted to a quarter once a month.


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