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The little prices
Begonia 'Tiger'

Our favorite of the moment - very strong and ornamental, boasting a green to brown, amazingly shaped foliage. Small price !

Houseplants assortment

Assortment of 9 houseplants (with 1 free plant) or 18 houseplants (with 3 free plants). Perfectly suited to decorate a terrarium tank or a luminous interior...

Neoregelia 'Atlantis'

The more light it receives, the more deep red it turns... striking !

New !

At present, our english web site version is incomplete, to see all our available plants, go on:

Neoregelia 'Mini'

Tank plants image Neoregelia 'Mini' 12 to 15 cm - Shipped bare root

Here is a superb and very decorative bromeliad. It is nicely scaled and beautifully coloured. The leaves are green and lined with a wide white stripe. The plant turns pink before flowering. Very impressive and easy to grow.

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Conseils spécifiques pour cette espèce


Température From 10 to 30°C.


Eau Provide rainwater or demineralized water, for the roots as well as for the rosette. Fill it periodically. The soil must be kept humid but don't let water stand in the tray.


Engrais In spring and summer, it is beneficial to feed them with orchid fertilizer twice a month, so as to bring minerals and nitrogen the plants need.


Luminosité Strong light but no ful sun during the warmest hours - partially shaded sunlight. A good light enhances leaf coloration.


Substrat Mix for orchids and Nepenthes, made of sphagnum moss, bark, coco fiber and peat moss.


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