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The orchid of the moment
Dendrobium kingianum

This elegant Australian orchid produces many lily of the valley-smelling flowers.

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Encyclia cochleata

Orchids image Encyclia cochleata 15 to 20 cm

Very nice tropical orchid, easy to grow, reaching 1,5 meter high. Striated flowers sport extravagant shapes reminding of a jellyfish.

Currently not in bloom.


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Conseils spécifiques pour cette espèce


Température From 15 to 30°C, ideally between 18 and 25°C. A temperature drop at night enhances blooming.


Eau Rainwater or demineralized water. The soil must be kept humid but don't let water stand in the tray.


Engrais In spring and summer, it is beneficial to feed them with orchid fertilizer twice a month, so as to bring minerals and nitrogen the plants need.


Luminosité Strong light but no full sun.


Substrat Mix for orchids and Nepenthes, made of sphagnum moss, bark, coco fiber and peat moss.


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