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The orchid of the moment
Dendrobium kingianum

This elegant Australian orchid produces many lily of the valley-smelling flowers.

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Orchids gather an immense family of flowering plants, very wide-spread accross the world -in habitat and in cultivation- and native of tropical countries mainly. They are peculiar in their symbiotic life with microscopic fungi which ensures sprouting of the seeds and good feeding through the roots. The name "orchid" doesn't have a very noble origin as it derives from the Greek "orchis" which means "testicle", refering to the shape of the very first terrestrial orchids that were described.

These plants have met a frank success with the bourgeoisie of the European colonial empires. Owning one and succeeding in cultivation was a sign of wealth. Sometimes, the very sought-after Nepenthes were grown among them. Fights to create the most spectacular hybrid began.

We currently count about 30.000 botanical species and 3 times more horticultural hybrid !

We provide South American orchids (but there's an exception do this geographic rule...).

Orchids - cultivation


The Orchids for sale on come from South America, and therefore live in a tropical climate. They can be grown inside or in a warm greenhouse. Here are a few cultivation generalities.

- Very luminous exposure. Preferably no full sun, especially when it is violent (summer).

- The temperature must be between 15 and 40°C.

- As for all tropical orchids, humidity must be high for a healthy growth. Inside, don't put them close to heaters and spray water often. The best solution is a greenhouse or any structure that allows to maintain high humidity.

- Use a light and aerated soil, made of sphagnum moss, bark, and peat moss of coco fiber.

- Water preferably with rainwater or demineralized water, for they don't like limestone.

- In spring and summer, it is beneficial to feed them with orchid fertilizer twice a month, so as to bring minerals and nitrogen the plants need.

Happy growing :)


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