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Drosera sp. 'floating'

One of the most striking rosetted sundews ! An easy grower.

New !

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New !

At present, our english web site version is incomplete, to see all our available plants, go on:

Drosera madagascariensis

Carnivorous plants image Drosera madagascariensis 5 to 8 cm of height

Native to tropical Africa and Madagascar, as the name says it, it's a robust caulescent sundew, able to reach 25 cm high if it gets a grip. Otherwise it will just creep. The sticky limbs are carried at the end of petioles placed all along the stem. While growing old, only the upper part remains active, whereas the base gets dry.

An impressive carnivorous plant when several specimens are grown altogether !


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Conseils spécifiques pour cette espèce


Température Up to 40°C in summer and from 15 to 20°C in winter.


Eau Only rain, demineralized or osmosed water. A mineralized (and especially calcareous) water may be lethal in the long term. Keep wet in summer and moist in winter.


Engrais No fertilizer. The plant gets enough nutrients with its traps.


Luminosité Full sun or shaded sunlight. In winter, Artificial light can be very beneficial or even necessary.


Substrat The carnivovous plants mix is the standard soil, but you can do it by yourself using 2/3 of sphagnum peat moss, plus 1/3 of perlite and vermiculite, or quartz sand. Sphagnum moss is suitable too.

About the Service Plus

(1) Unless otherwise stated, the plants are shipped bare root, wrapped in moist sphagnum moss. Prepare everything you need to repot them upon arrival. Each Tillandsia and Neoregelia is wrapped in a dry padded box.

(2) With the Service Plus (when available), the plants are shipped in their original pot, in a protective box, with a "Karnivores" label on which you can write the name of the plant. There's no need to repot them upon arrival, and acclimatization is much faster and easier.


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